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The Application for Travel Document (Form I-131) is multi-purpose, and its correct use directly depends on the immigration status of the applicant. It is commonly used by non-us citizens, applying for a legal permit to remain outside and then return to the US for a specific period of time.

Request permission to leave the U.S. and return

Form I-131 is used to apply to the USCIS for the following travel documents: Reentry Permit, Refugee Travel Document, and Advance Parole Document which also includes Advance Parole for individuals outside the United States. By filing the Application for Travel Document, non-US Citizens help protect their ability to exit and later legally return to the United States.

Reentry Permit

The Reentry permit, or Green Card Reentry Permit, allows a lawful permanent resident or conditional resident to apply for admission to return to the United States after a specific period of time spent abroad. If the Green Card holder returns within this permit’s validity period, then it is not necessary to obtain a returning resident visa from a United States Embassy/Consulate.

Refugee Travel Document

The Refugee Travel Document can be used by people with valid refugee or asylee status, or by lawful permanent residents who obtained this status as refugee or asylee in the United States.

Advance Parole Document

The Parole document allows foreign nationals to enter the United States of America for a specific purpose. An Advance Parole Document may not be used to replace any required passport. However, it will be accepted by any transportation company in place of a visa. Please note that an individual who has been “paroled” has not been admitted to the United States and will remain an “applicant for admission,” and will be required to apply for a visa.

Advance Parole for individuals outside the United States

An Advance Parole for individuals outside the United States is an extraordinary measured very rarely used. It allows otherwise inadmissible individuals to travel to and enter the United States and seek Parole for a limited period of time due to urgent humanitarian reasons or for important public services and benefits.

The Form I-131 can be filed by people with the following status:

  • Green Card holders (Permanent Residents).
  • Conditional Permanent Residents.
  • Asylees or Refugees.
  • Deferred Action Childhood Arrival recipients.

1. The Re Entry Permit can be issued to:

  • Permanent Residents.
  • Conditional Residents.

2. The Refugee Travel Document can be issued to:

  • Permanent Residents as a result of asylee or refugee status.
  • Refugees or Asylees.

3. The Advance Parole Document for Individuals in the United States can be issued to:

  • Individuals who currently have valid pending applications to adjust status (Form I-485) and wish to travel for important reasons.
  • Individuals who have either a pending application for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) (Form I-821), or aliens who have been granted one (including those who have been granted either T or U nonimmigrant status).

4. The Advance Parole Document for Individuals outside the United States can be issued to:

  • This document will be granted on a case-by-case basis for short-term entry in the United States. There are no documents, visa nor specific status required in order to receive this document.

Biometrics Service Appointment:

After your application has been received, USCIS will contact and provide you all the necessary information regarding where and when you should make an appointment. Failing to go through the Biometrics Service Appointment may result in having your I-131 application rejected.


Make sure to have legal copies of all the necessary documentation required for this process. Please note that if deemed necessary you may be required to present the originals.

Note: If you submit an unrequired original document it will be added to your application record and may never be returned.


All documents submitted in a foreign-language MUST BE accompanied by an English translation certified as complete and accurate by the translator. It must also include the translator’s certification stamp.

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