U.S. Green Card Through Employment

Applying for a Green Card Through Employment

One of the most traditional ways of becoming a permanent resident of the United States is immigration based on employment. This is if you were offered a permanent job position in the United Stated by an American employer.

However, there are 3 other options for obtaining a Green Card through employment:

  1. Green Card via Investment: Anyone who can make a significant investment in an American business, which will create work opportunities in the U.S., has the right to apply for a Green Card via Investment.
  2. Green Card via Self Petition: This option is exclusively available to “Aliens with Extraordinary Ability” or to specific individuals, who have been granted the National Interest Waiver.
  3. Domestic workers and unskilled laborers: This work category can be sponsored by an employer, who should have filled in and got approved a Labor Certification Application.
  4. Green Card via special job categories: The following are job positions, which allow you to apply for a Green Card if you have been or are currently employed as:
    • Afghan/Iraqi Translator
    • Armed Forces members
    • Broadcaster
    • International Organization Employee
    • Iraqi Who Assisted the U.S. Government
    • NATO-6 Nonimmigrant
    • Panama Canal Employee
    • Physician National Interest Waiver
    • Religious Worker

Note: Please bear in mind that all of the above-mention information stands for general feed and each individual application case may vary widely.

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