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What is the USCIS receipt number?

This is your personal 13-character identification number, which the USCIS provides for all applications and petitions received. It can be found on the action notice the USCIS has sent to you.

The format of the receipt number consists of 3 upper case letters (ex: GHP) followed by a 10-digit number.

Please, do not include any dates nor “-” when entering your case number. However, other characters such as “*” may be used, as long as they have been listed as part of the number.


The value for First Name is mandatory and may only contain letters, spaces and dashes

The value for Last Name is mandatory and may only contain letters, spaces and dashes
The value for Email must be a valid email address: ""

The value for Receipt Number must be a valid receipt number: "ABC0123456789"

Your personal USCIS case number will be written on the I-797 receipt notice you should have received when making your application. If you have requested to receive electronic confirmation and notification, then the receipt number should be found within the confirmation email.

The USCIS updates the information regularly, regarding any major changes of your case. The standard update time should be within 24 hours.

The USCIS may do so within their restricted system, but no logs of your case status will be displayed. What the Status Check System displays is the last action taken by the USCIS, such as the Last Updated Date (LUD). However, you might notice that on some occasions the LUD has changed, but the case message hasn’t. Do not worry as more often than not this occurs.

No it doesn’t. Case numbers do not have to follow the same order or have equally long processing times. There is no way of knowing which cases have the advanced parole status and are processed fast and which do not.

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