Immigrant Definition

Immigrant is the a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence. Immigrants are motivated to leave their countries of citizenship, or habitual residence, for a variety of reasons. Such reasons may include a desire for economic prosperity, to change one's quality of life, better job opportunities, family reunification, retirement, climate or environmentally induced migration, exile, escape from prejudice, conflict or natural disaster.

When people leave their country to settle permanently in another, they are called migrants or immigrants (from Latin: migrare, wanderer). From the perspective of the country they leave, they are called emigrant or outmigrant.

Commuters, tourists and other short-term stays in a destination country do not fall under the definition of immigration or migration, seasonal labour immigration is sometimes included.

In the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, an immigrant is an individual seeking to become a Lawful Permanent Resident in the United States.

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