How to Prepare for the US Citizenship Interview

The process of becoming a US citizen culminates with an interview. It is one of the most dreaded stages in US immigration process. Everyone tries as much as possible to pass this stage and finally become a US citizen. The key secret to passing the naturalization test is preparing adequately. A lot of immigrants are eligible for US Citizenship by naturalization. However, most of them are afraid to take the next step because they don’t know how to prepare for the citizenship interview. Here crucial tips for passing the naturalization interview you need to put into practice to succeed.

5 tips to prepare the Naturalization Interview

1.Understand what happens during the interview

You need to know what happens during a citizenship test. An immigration officer will ask you to produce all the identification documents for verification. He will then place you under oath before asking you about your background, place of residence, character and your willingness to take an oath of allegiance to the United States. The officer may ask you some other questions just to make sure that you are eligible for citizenship.

This may include your ability to read, write and speak English. You will also qualify for a civic test in English to determine how well you know the history and government of the United States. You can be given the civics test in a language you understand if you are not yet good in English. However, this is only applicable to those who qualify for age or disability exemptions.

2.Prove your command of English

You must be able to read, write and speak US English in order to qualify for a naturalization test. It is not a must you have the best accent, grammar or diction. The officers only want to know that you can understand and speak basic English. Knowing English will enable you to get around the country and interact with people easily.

The officers may ask you to read out loud some parts of your N-400 Application form for naturalization or any other document they produce. You will be asked to write a few simple English sentences to test your writing skills. The officers will also evaluate your ability to speak English by how you answer questions during the citizenship interview. According to the immigration policies, you must read and write at least one sentence out of the three in a manner that shows that you understand its meaning.

There are several free studying tools that can help you to polish your English skills. You can read vocabulary flash cards to help you study for naturalization interview. Try and get someone to teach you the basic phrases in English. Listen to people’s conversations or talk to someone in English to improve your confidence. Watch television shows and talk shows, read newspapers and listen to radios to capture how people talk and how they use the words based on the context. Tips fot the Naturalization Interview to become an US Citizen

3.Study for the civics test

During the naturalization interview, the immigration officers will require you to show them that you understand the history and the government of the United States. You do not have to go deep into the United States history and know the events and the dates they happened. The officers just want you to know whether you understand what it means to be an American citizen. There is a list of 100 civic questions. However, you will be asked up to 10 questions from this list. You may be asked about the president of the country, his deputy and senior officials in the government. You may also be asked to name the three arms of the government.

Take your time and read about important events in the country’s history. Find out about the key principles of the government’s foundation and know our founding fathers and what they did to make the country what it is today. Reading about these aspects of government and history will increase your chances of passing the test. There are free study tools available from the immigration office to help you succeed.

4.Arrive at least 20 minutes early to your naturalization interview

Once you fill your N-400 application form, USCIS will send an email with details regarding where and when the interview will take place. You should attempt to make it to the interview on time. Missing or coming to the interview late can show a wrong impression to the officers. They may think that you are not serious about being a US citizen. Don't forget that sometimes the traffic or an unexpected event can happen. Planning ahead will allow you being more relaxed.

5. Bring all the documents with you

You must come to the interview with all the US citizenship application documents. It is also imperative you bring with you the permanent resident card, passport, state ID card and reentry permits. The immigration officials will specify the documents to bring in your appointment letter. Make sure you read it to avoid problems.

What happens after the interview?

Once the interview is over, the immigration officers will give you a comprehensive feedback based on the information you gave out and how you performed during the interview. This time you will be given a Form N-652 that shows you the results. They may grant full citizenship, continue or deny your application based on the information you gave and how you performed during the interview. USCIS processing times are quick and you may get your feedback within days.

If your case is continued, the immigration officers may request you to provide additional documents or come back for a second interview. You will also be notified through an official letter if the officers decide to decline your application. You are always free to ask for a hearing with the immigration officers if you feel that they were wrong to deny you citizenship. You should file an appeal within 30 days after you get the denial letter.

You need to take US immigration process seriously before you even think about a naturalization ceremony. It is not always a guarantee your citizenship application will go through. You need to observe the protocols and pass the citizenship test first. The tips discussed above will help you to prepare adequately for anything that might come.

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